Father's Rights

Greensburg Child Custody Attorney and Single Father

Over time, the perception of fathers has changed in the legal system, especially their roles following a divorce. Mothers are not automatically considered the only nurturing parent. The courts have concluded that divorced dads can provide the same level of love and care for their children. At Tremba, Jelley & Kinney, LLC in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, we work to protect the rights of dedicated and devoted fathers.

Don't think that your options are limited simply because of your gender. Fathers have just as many rights as mothers in a divorce or child custody dispute. Contact our Westmoreland County law office at 724-972-4511 or toll free at 888-794-1549.

The Evolution of the Divorced Father

The image is ever-changing. Men are now taking on the responsibilities once considered exclusive to mothers.  Attorney Timothy Kinney, a partner at Tremba, Jelley & Kinney, LLC, is also a divorced father who has devoted years of his career to equalizing the rights of fathers compared to those that mothers have enjoyed. Simply put, having two active parents is truly in the best interests of a child, and we will fight to make sure that you have this opportunity.

Insight and Experience Put to Work for You

Attorney Kinney's insight provides much needed help and information to fathers wanting to play an active, post-divorce role in their children's lives. In addition to his unique point-of-view, he uses his personal experience and legal knowledge to protect the rights of fathers in child custody arrangements.

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